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  • Year: 2019
  • Agency: BBDO
  • Client: Nove International
  • Role: UI Design, Motion Design
  • Category: Public Relations, B2B

Nove is a strategic advisory public relations firm servicing multinational corporations in sectors such as energy, health, information technology and consumer goods.

Nove was looking for the company’s first website and where particular about staying away from your traditional “corporate site” look and feel. Nove preferred more relaxed messaging, housed in an elegant, yet interactive platform.

To understand the market of global PR firms and how to better position Nove against its competitors in Europe and the US, I carried out a competitive analysis and translated my findings into detailed wireframes, comps and interaction prototypes for validation with stakeholders and business owners. The next phase was the visual design of the site, which included the selection and curation of custom footage (backgrounds) and the code planning of the UI’s animation and motion elements. Upon approval, artifacts and interactive prototypes were handed-off to the client’s agency developers for CMS integration.

Tools: Pen/Paper, HotGloo, Adobe XD, Adobe Animate, HTML and CSS

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