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Your digital ski coach

  • Year: 2019
  • Agency: Series 8
  • Client: Carv
  • Role: UI Design, Web/iOS
  • Category: Technology, Startups

CARV - a ski coaching application that helps students learn and take feedback on their ski performance in real-time via an IoT device and a beautiful mobile app.

This project required a re-vamp across the board, from branding to it's entire customer digital experience. I was approached by the company founders and creative lead to assist in the effort.

I worked closely with brand managers and human factors engineer (IoT) to gather findings on customers, translate those into business objectives and turning those requirements into visual artifacts (personas, journeys and wires), to later on present to stakeholders, iterate on, refine, and release for visual design, which I was also in charge of. After crafting the iOS application's design and asset hand-off, I moved on to design the product's new responsive site, developing the front-end layer, and passing that on to back-end developers for implementation.

Tools: Pen/Paper, HotGloo, Figma, HTML and CSS

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